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Okay okay so I've decided to re-open commissions after a while ' v ' I'm not opening point commissions though, only regular ones. Here are the guidelines! ' 7 ')/

-Normal chibi (1 character), colored and properly linearted: 10€; +3€ for every added character
-Normal chibi + simple/small background (1 character) 15€ +3 for every added character

-Sketchy character, soft colored or not 10-15€ +3 for every added character. +3€ for a small/simple background and +5-7 for a full background*

-Normal character, soft-colored but properly linearted: 15€+3 for every added character. +3€ for a simple background and +5-10 for a full background*

-Normal caracter, colored and properly linearted: 20€ +5€ for every added character. +3€ for a simple background and +5-10€ for a full background.*
-Normal character, waist-up: 10€, colored or not.

-Normal character, waist-up and with a background: 15-20€ depending on the background.*

-Extra characters, waist-up will be +3€

*Very complicated backgrounds will take me a lot to draw so requesting them will probably raise the price of the background to about 10-15€

I'm willing to draw: anything (Pairings, yaoi, het, yuri, animals, fancy clothing, fanart, OCs, redraws with permission of the artist or photographer...)

I will NOT draw: fetish hentai/ecchi/porn, Gore/guro stuff (small wounds or just blood are okay but I'm not good with dismembered bodies and so), pedophilia or rape. However if you request a commission and I'm not comfortable with it I'll tell you via note.


Please send me a note if you wanna request a commission. I'll reply to it as soon as I can with the price and my contact details.

Send me references of the character or characters you're requesting. Please send as many as you can in every angle/pose you can think of in order for me to see the character properly, specially if it's an original character or a character that's not too well-known, because it may be hard for me to find good references and I'd prefer to draw your requests as accurate as possible! ; 3 ;

So when you send me the note please write:

-Character: Information and references of the characters you want to appear in the picture. Remember to add information and pictures of the other characters if you want a group picture

-Background:Information about the background. If it's a city or a building that exists please send a picture. If it's not, then please write up a description of the place so that I have an idea of what you want.

-Pose and attitude: I may not know a lot about the character you wanna request and it's very hard for me to just invent poses and attitudes when drawing so please tell me if you have something in mind, specially if it's a picture with a background.

-Coloring: cell-shading, soft-colored, normal-colored...?

-Extras: Anything else you want: animals, special stuff in the background or clothing or... whatever you can think of!
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Submitted on
August 6, 2012


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